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The use of telescopic sticks and maintenance methods

DATE:2017-10-10 Browse:119 Source:QLX

1, how to throw off the police telescopic stick

Inertial resistance to lock the stick, with the time to hold the stick, with the power of the wrist, or with the forearm led his hand to play, the stick in the inertia will be relieved to carry the lock, easy waving direction of movement, and joints should be resistance And stop. So that you can open the stick. In the case of

When you use the telescopic stick to pay attention to whether there is someone or object nearby, be careful not to damage something. The power of rejection should not be too big, sometimes effort, but may make the new stick lock too tight, affecting the recovery. In the case of

2, police telescopic stick lock is what? In the case of

Police tentacles with two kinds of locking, one is to carry the time to lock, for the security lock, one is open the state of the lock, for the use of locking. In the case of

3, how to maintain the use of telescopic stickers? In the case of

A good police with telescopic stick can be used for a long time, the new factory batons, to run for some time. The beginning of the use of batons, do not be too hard out of a stick, or it may cause the police jam is not easy to recover. In the case of

4, the correct use of police telescopic stick In the case of

Police with telescopic sticks to use about 70% of the strength of the thrown out of the stick, practice recovery, mastery skills can be forced out of a stick. In the case of

For long use, do not use baton to hit bricks, stones or trees.

Every 3 months recommended to open the stick, carefully cleaned up, so that after the stick in the body can apply a little lubricant, but attention can not be smeared in the connection, otherwise it will cause lock failure.



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