Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone from the boys here at Florida Condo Boys, and come chat with us if you want today :D

December 9th

So after a fun day yesterday of hanging out with Brian and going to the mall and then followed up with seeing teddy and grushka and chaz, it was back to work today. And boy did it seem like today drug on forever. Once the day was over I made it home around 2:45 and was here for when the internet tech made it here at 6pm to get our internet back up and running so that I could get you guys the updates you need. Apparently all we needed was the modem switched out.

December 6th

Well Christmas time is upon us and this time of year is hard for everyone but its especially hard for me still working as a contractor. Having so many days off due to holidays really sucks and always puts me in debt, even though I am not buying any Christmas presents because I loose so much money like around 800 dollars is lost just due to the days I am forced to take off. That however is the only bad news about this time of year. I was just able to yesterday reconnect with someone who it has been years since I last saw and we hit if off well.

New Site Features

So we have added some new features and some more to come shortly. Right now I am testing the live cams right from my site and we will see how that goes. I will provide a link for you guys here to join me in chat and see the cam when its live. Click here


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