Family Visit

So I happened to stop home this weekend and surprise my nephew who was having a spaghetti dinner for his boy scouts group. I told him that someone shared the post on Facebook, so I decided to come back for it. It was the first one that I had attended after all the years I have been living out of Michigan. It was a good meal! Wouldn't have asked for a better night. After the dinner was over, I went back to my sisters house with my two nieces, by sister, & my mom. We were just sitting around when the youngest started to sing a song that the middle child was playing on her iPod.

In the past year...

In the past year I have done more traveling with my company then I did the entire time I worked & lived in Florida. Molly & Rocky were in Michigan during that time as I was not able to focus on caring for them because of the intense work that I was doing. I was sent to NYC twice during that period. Wasn't the best trips because there was way too much crammed into a short period of time. In the year I've lived in Northern Kentucky, it's been the daunting task of restarting my life over again.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone from the boys here at Florida Condo Boys, and come chat with us if you want today :D

December 9th

So after a fun day yesterday of hanging out with Brian and going to the mall and then followed up with seeing teddy and grushka and chaz, it was back to work today. And boy did it seem like today drug on forever. Once the day was over I made it home around 2:45 and was here for when the internet tech made it here at 6pm to get our internet back up and running so that I could get you guys the updates you need. Apparently all we needed was the modem switched out.


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